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Impression materials

Dental impression materials

Impression materials

Brilliance is a fast curing, extra hard und unbreakable bite-registration material, based in additio..

38.80 лв.

Ideal Light

Ideal Light- available in cartradges- is a low-viscous impression-material based on additional-silic..

36.30 лв.

Ideal Putty

Ideal Putty is a base impression for the two step- double-sandwich- and doublemix- technique.It is b..

87.00 лв.

Structur 2 SC

Temporary material for production of crowns, bridges, in-lays and on-lays,..

206.50 лв.

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VisCalor Bulk

Heating of the material makes it flowable for the application and then sculptable immediately afterw..

1,239.00 лв.

ReRoot set ReRoot set

Set for reopening of root canals for secondary treatment...

49.00 лв.

Dental Chair LK-A15

King Size CushionNon-stage Luxurious LED Sensor Lamp3 Memory PositionCompensate Dental Uni..

6,990.00 лв.