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Dental cements used for temporary and permanent fixing of crowns and bridges, as well as cements used for restorations

Armosplint Armosplint

Set for fixing of moving teeth or various dislocations in the tooth structure...

126.90 лв.


Glass Ionomer Cement for obturation...

45.90 лв.

Cemion F

Dental cement for permanent fixing of crowns and bridges...

27.90 лв.

Dentine powder for temporary fillings

Dentine powder for temporary fillings..

16.00 лв.


Light curing liner for isolation of tooth pulp and prevention of caries formations under obturations..

26.90 лв.

Meron Plus QM

Excellent adhesion to the dental structurePrecise marginal fitMoisture and acid resistantSelf-adhesi..

97.00 лв.

Secura Varnish

Secura Varnish is a colourless, self-curing varnish for sealing the surface of dentine, glass ionome..

18.25 лв.

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Hand soap HMI


11.80 лв.

HMI Hand disinfectant


19.30 лв.

zhermack zeta 3 wipes


19.50 лв.