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Lining materials

Liners used in dentistry, for direct or indirect coverage of the pulp    

Lining materials
Calcident 450

Calcident 450 is radiopaque, water-based pasty- suspension containing 45% calciumhydroxide for direc..

36.50 лв.

Calcident LC

Calcident LC is a light curing and X-ray opaque Calciumhydroxide for the indirect pulp-caping. Fast ..

43.00 лв.


Calcium hydroxide self-curing paste-paste..

48.40 лв.

Competence flow

Competence flow is a flowable, radiopaque composite filling material for restorations of Bis-acrylat..

23.00 лв.


Temporary filling material..

9.00 лв.

Glass Liner

Glass ionomer lining material with fluoride..

28.00 лв.


Light-curing glass ionomer composite linerIndicationsLining under all types of filling materialExten..

88.70 лв.

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Hand soap HMI


11.80 лв.

HMI Hand disinfectant


19.30 лв.

zhermack zeta 3 wipes


19.50 лв.