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Lining materials

Liners used in dentistry, for direct or indirect coverage of the pulp    

Lining materials
Calcident 450

Calcident 450 is radiopaque, water-based pasty- suspension containing 45% calciumhydroxide for direc..

36.50 лв.

Calcident LC

Calcident LC is a light curing and X-ray opaque Calciumhydroxide for the indirect pulp-caping. Fast ..

43.00 лв.


Calcium hydroxide self-curing paste-paste..

48.40 лв.

Competence flow

Competence flow is a flowable, radiopaque composite filling material for restorations of Bis-acrylat..

23.00 лв.


Temporary filling material..

9.00 лв.

Glass Liner

Glass ionomer lining material with fluoride..

28.00 лв.


Light-curing glass ionomer composite linerIndicationsLining under all types of filling materialExten..

88.70 лв.

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VisCalor Bulk

Heating of the material makes it flowable for the application and then sculptable immediately afterw..

1,239.00 лв.

ReRoot set ReRoot set

Set for reopening of root canals for secondary treatment...

49.00 лв.

Dental Chair LK-A15

King Size CushionNon-stage Luxurious LED Sensor Lamp3 Memory PositionCompensate Dental Uni..

6,990.00 лв.