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Adhesives / Etchants

Various adhesive and  etching materials used in dentistry

Adhesives / Etchants

C-bond is an universal bonding material with excellent adhesion to dentine and etched enamel. The re..

41.30 лв.

C-Bond Self-Etch

C-Bond Self-Etch is the self-etching version of our universal-bondings...

43.70 лв.

Cimara Set


522.90 лв.


Extra-Gel is a thixotropic gel for precise etching of enamel. It contains 37% orthophosphoric acid. ..

8.50 лв.

Futurabond M

One-component light-curing nano-reinforced self-etch bondIndicationsDirect restoration for all cavit..

195.60 лв.

Futurabond M+ Futurabond M+

Universal adhesiveIndicationsDirect and indirect restorations using any light-curing methacrylate-ba..

187.00 лв.

Futurabond NR

Light-curing self-etch bond reinforced with nano-fillersIndicationsAdvantagesExcellent adhesion to d..

194.30 лв.

Futurabond U

Dual-curing universal adhesiveIndicationsDirect and indirect restorations using any light-curing, se..

104.05 лв.


VococidEtchant for acid-etch-techniqueIndications or in the total-etch techniqueAdvantagesAvail..

42.30 лв.

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VisCalor Bulk

Heating of the material makes it flowable for the application and then sculptable immediately afterw..

1,239.00 лв.

ReRoot set ReRoot set

Set for reopening of root canals for secondary treatment...

49.00 лв.

Dental Chair LK-A15

King Size CushionNon-stage Luxurious LED Sensor Lamp3 Memory PositionCompensate Dental Uni..

6,990.00 лв.