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Adhesives / Etchants

Various adhesive and  etching materials used in dentistry

Adhesives / Etchants
Armosplint Armosplint

Set for fixing of moving teeth or various dislocations in the tooth structure...

126.90 лв.


Belabond is a dental self-etching adhesive for universal use with different composite types...

34.90 лв.


C-bond is an universal bonding material with excellent adhesion to dentine and etched enamel. The re..

41.30 лв.

C-Bond Self-Etch

C-Bond Self-Etch is the self-etching version of our universal-bondings...

43.70 лв.

Cimara Set


522.90 лв.

Etchant gel for dentine and enamel

Etchant gels for dentine and enamel...

18.00 лв.


Extra-Gel is a thixotropic gel for precise etching of enamel. It contains 37% orthophosphoric acid. ..

8.50 лв.

Futurabond M

One-component light-curing nano-reinforced self-etch bondIndicationsDirect restoration for all cavit..

195.60 лв.

Futurabond M+ Futurabond M+

Universal adhesiveIndicationsDirect and indirect restorations using any light-curing methacrylate-ba..

205.00 лв.

Futurabond NR Futurabond NR

Light-curing self-etch bond reinforced with nano-fillersIndicationsAdvantagesExcellent adhesion to d..

194.30 лв.

Futurabond U

Dual-curing universal adhesiveIndicationsDirect and indirect restorations using any light-curing, se..

104.05 лв.


VococidEtchant for acid-etch-techniqueIndications or in the total-etch techniqueAdvantagesAvail..

45.10 лв.

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Masks blue


0.00 лв.

Masks black


0.00 лв.

Plastic cups white


4.50 лв.