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Ideal Light

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Ideal Light- available in cartradges- is a low-viscous impression-material based on additional-silicones for the impression-technique.

It makes a direct and bublefree application  onto the teeth or tray possible.

Although Ideal Light iss thixotrop it is flowableunder pressure.

It`s hydrophilous characteristics causes better moistureness and very precise reproductions of the subgingival areas


Impression-material for the double-mix, sandwich and supplementary-impression technique

Technical data

Total working time/             2 min.

incl. mixing time   

Recommended time            2 min.

in the mouth

Setting time/

incl. micing time                    5 min

Mixing ratio                            1:1


Ideal Light, 2 x 50 ml automix- cartrages + mixing cannulas

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