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Admira Fusion X-base

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Flowable bulk fill material complements Admira Fusion range
Admira Fusion x-base: fast, reliable, ceramic-based
The nano-hybrid ORMOCER® restorative material Admira Fusion is the only product of its kind to offer the unique Pure Silicate Technology with which direct restorations can be produced in ceramic quality. As a “ceramic for filling”, the Admira Fusion products have assumed a pioneering role in the dental materials market. The packable universal restorative material Admira Fusion, the bulk fill Admira Fusion x-tra and the flowable Admira Fusion Flow have all been well established for a considerable period of time. And now the flowable bulk fill version Admira Fusion x-base is complementing the existing product range: fast, reliable, ceramic-based. It can be used to place increments of up to 4 mm in just one working step, without layering. It is suitable for class I and II cavity linings and class III and V restorations.
Thanks to its flowability, the highly viscous Admira Fusion x-base in the universal shade is very easy to apply without any undesirable dripping. It is self-levelling and thus adapts excellently to the prepared cavity walls. After light-curing (20 seconds), all that remains is to apply an occlusal covering layer of Admira Fusion or a methacrylate-based universal or posterior tooth composite. The result is a restoration which is both stable and aesthetically pleasing.
Admira Fusion x-base is a bulk fill material with superior qualities. The innovative nano-hybrid ORMOCER® technology makes it the only flowable lining material which is completely based (both resin matrix and fillers) on silicon oxide. This results in its high filler content, outstandingly low shrinkage and equally low shrinkage stress. Admira Fusion x-base contains no classic monomers, which brings the benefit of excellent biocompatibility plus minimal risk of allergic reactions.
Admira Fusion x-base is available in the non-running, non-dripping NDT®-syringe.

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