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Clean Joy doses

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Prophy paste for professional tooth cleaning and polishing


  • Removal of soft and hard surface plaque
  • removal of extrinsic discolouratin (e.g. staining from coffee, tea or tobacco)
  • Polishing of tooth surfaces as part of professional tooth cleaning, prior to whitening or following the removal of orthodontic devices
  • Cleaning and polishing of restorations as a part of professional tooth cleaning
  • Removal of residues of temporary luting material prior to definitive bonding (cementation)


  • Stable, homogenuous consistency
  • No splashing (2,000-3,000 r / min)
  • Available in three abrasion grades, thus can be individually adjusted to each situation
  • Traffice light coding: simple to use withut confusion
  • Can be used with any conventional instrument 9small brush, cup, etc.)
  • Contains fluoride (700 ppm)
  • Contains xylitol (inhibiting effect on the metabolism of bacteria)
  • The green polishing paste has a very low grade of abrasion and is therefore also suitable for the care of implants
  • RDA values (measured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11609)

- coarse (red) RDA=195

-medium (yellow) RDA= 127

-fine (green) RDA=16

  • Pleasant light mint flavour


1 x 2 g dose  

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