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Grandio Seal

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Grandio seal is a light-curing nano-hybrid fissure sealant.


  • Sealing / filling of pits and fissures
  • Sealing / facing of damaged enamel surfaces
  • Covering of caries prediction sites during orthodontic treatment
  • sealing of deciduous teeth


  • Use of nano-fillers for optimal flow behaviour
  • With 70% w/w highest filler content in its class
  • Outstanding physical properties

- low abrasin

-high transverse strenght

-ectremely low shrinkage values

  • Excellent handling
  • Optimal wetting
  • Perfect marginal adaptation
  • Ideal foe sealing composite or glass ionomer fillings ( protective layer against humidity)

Grandio Seal in the NDT-syringe

NDT means non-dripping-technology

Especially suited for fine- flowwing materials

Can be dosed and applied with precision

Without sny loss of material


1 x 2 g syringe

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