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Glass Ionomer Cements

Glass Ionomer Cements
Glass Liner

Glass ionomer lining material with fluoride..

28.00 лв.


Glass ionomer luting cementIndicationsLuting of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, pins, posts and ort..

84.95 лв.

Meron Plus

Universal resin-reinforced glass ionomer luting cementAdvantagesLong elastic phase for convenient ex..

177.20 лв.

Meron Plus AC

Universal resin-reinforced glass ionomer luting cementIndicationsAdvantagesLong elastic phase for co..

238.20 лв.

Meron Plus QM

Excellent adhesion to the dental structurePrecise marginal fitMoisture and acid resistantSelf-adhesi..

97.00 лв.


Securacem is a two-component glass-ionomer cement especially created as liningmaterial. It contains ..

57.30 лв.


Securafil is a glass-ionomer filling cement available in two different tooth-shades -A2,A3, with a v..

58.70 лв.

Securafil LC

Securafil LC is a light-curing glass-ionomer filling-cement. Securafil LC comes with a high compress..

71.30 лв.


Securafix is a glass-ionomer with secial adhesion to dentine and enamel. The material distinguishes ..

61.10 лв.


Silvercem is a rediopaque, silver re-enforced glass-ionomer filling cement for fillings and core bui..

85.80 лв.

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VisCalor Bulk

Heating of the material makes it flowable for the application and then sculptable immediately afterw..

1,239.00 лв.

ReRoot set ReRoot set

Set for reopening of root canals for secondary treatment...

49.00 лв.

Dental Chair LK-A15

King Size CushionNon-stage Luxurious LED Sensor Lamp3 Memory PositionCompensate Dental Uni..

6,990.00 лв.